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North Indian Handmade Malas


These sacred rudraksha mala beads come from North India, made by a select group of North Indian women to support their families.  The malas are 108 beads and feature nylon silk cord for the knots in between each bead & the tassel.  Colours available are as seen in the picture.  These malas come at a very special price!  Exceptional quality & gorgeous malas.  Limited stock available.


WHY WEAR A MALA: Once you receive your mala beads you may want to simply wear them as a beautiful piece of jewelry or you may choose to use them in a mediation practice, or both. The choice is individual and completely up to you.

It is said however that you should wear your mala beads for 40 days, allowing them time in your aura to become in tune with your energy and vibrations.

TO MEDITATE WITH YOUR MALA: Look within. Be still. Free from fear and attachment, know the sweet joy of living in the way. 


Rudraksha is formed by the combination of two words ‘Rudra’ & ‘Aksha’ that refers to the tears that rolled down eyes of great Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva went into deep meditation for the purpose of welfare of all the living beings. After his several years of deep contemplation when he opened his eyes, he saw all the pain & suffering everyone’s facing around, looking at the same tears rolled down his eyes, those tear drops when fell on the ground turned into trees later down the years which acquired blue coloured fruits whose coating when removed the inside layer found was the holy seed – The Rudraksha. Rudraksha thus are sacred beads with very high spiritual and medicinal values. Rudraksha trees are commonly found in the areas between the Foothills of Himalayas & Ganges plains and in Indonesia. The divine qualities of this sacred holy bead were first found in ancient scriptures of Hindus. They are popular traditional healing beads extensively used to treat a several diseases and also purify the wearer (spiritually as well as mentally). They bless one with peace of mind; protect against evil doers and spirits; and bless with peace and prosperity.


These malas have been made with quality and durable materials but it is still delicate so please take good care of your mala. Here are some guidelines to protect your mala: 

  • Do not wet your mala and do not wear it in the water
  • Do not handle or play with the tassel often
  • Do not sleep with your mala on your neck – instead place it under your pillow to ‘infuse’ it with your intention and energy (especially if it is a new mala)
  • When you are not wearing your mala, do place it in your complimentary gift bag, at your personal shrine / sacred space or under your pillow.  

Other than this, you can wear your mala at all times to increase the mala beads metaphysical properties and its effects on you.

When your mala is treated mindfully with love and care, the beads will be encouraged to love you, support your meditation practice and your mind, body and spirit.


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