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Indian Turquoise Beauty Mala


This 108 beaded mala features amazonite (6mm), rock crystal (6mm), sandalwood (7mm) & sterling silver guru bead & accent bead handpicked from Mysore in South India, nylon silk cord for hand-knots between each bead and a handmade silk tassel.


WHY WEAR A MALA: Once you receive your mala beads you may want to simply wear them as a beautiful piece of jewelry or you may choose to use them in a mediation practice, or both. The choice is individual and completely up to you.

It is said however that you should wear your mala beads for 40 days, allowing them time in your aura to become in tune with your energy and vibrations.

TO MEDITATE WITH YOUR MALA: Look within. Be still. Free from fear and attachment, know the sweet joy of living in the way.


AMAZONITE: Truth, Harmony, Peace
Amazonite helps to harmonize apparently different motivations and interests by bringing the truth to light without emotionality, and allowing one to see another point of view. It facilitates this process both between people, and within an individual psyche. Therefore it is good for meditation and inner work to clarify inner conflicts and confusion and integrate the self.

The meaning of the name of this stone relates to the Amazon River, as it is a location where there are considerable deposits of the stone. It is also found in Madagascar, Russia, Canada, Namibia, Mozambique, Peru, India, Brazil and the USA, and this stone has been found in many locations for thousands of years.

Sandalwood’s magical powers are believed to enhance your meditation and increase the power of your wishes.

The benefits of sandalwood are clairvoyance, divination, good luck, meditation, protection, success.

Grown in Asia and East India, Sandalwood was originally used at funeral ceremonies; burnt so the scent could carry the soul into the next life. The aroma — which retains its fragrance for decades — comes from the wood itself rather than the leaves or flowers. The warm soothing scent of sandalwood helps the mind to unwind and helps open the heart to love.

In ancient Buddhist tradition, Sandalwood has been celebrated as the perfect meditation tool for thousands of years. It is widely believed that the sandalwood scent can stimulate sensuality, grant a sense of awareness, invoke tranquility, awaken the divine thoughts within and promote profound relaxation. Burning sandalwood incense can benefit healing work by promoting a deeper relaxed state in the healer, increasing spiritual energy.

Sandalwood stimulates the base Chakra - believed to enhance trust and self-identity. In the Ayurvedic healing tradition, it promotes energy and enthusiasm; increasing a person's self-esteem and zest for life. It is also believed that burning sandalwood near your door welcomes your guests and subconsciously attunes them to your home’s positivity - encouraging them to leave their doubts and anger outside.

You can use the healing aroma of sandalwood to promote feelings of peace and serenity and also to ease various ailments of the digestive system. Breathing in the aromatic smoke from a sandalwood incense stick can help to lift melancholy and promote restful sleep. It subdues aggression and irritability, promotes compassion and openness and enhances meditation. Sandalwood is particularly good for stress relief, especially when combined with lavender or bergamot.

ROCK CRYSTAL: Healing, Enhancing, Amplification
Excellent quality crystal clear beads. Quartz has been known and admired since antiquity. Its name derives from the Ancient Greek "krustallos" meaning ice because they believed that quartz was ice that never melted because it was formed by the gods. Believed to be the most powerful healing and energy amplifier. It absorbs, stores and releases energy and is excellent for unblocking.


This mala has been designed and handmade with love and positive intentions. The handmade knots come with a 6-month guarantee.

It has been made with high quality and durable products but it is still delicate so please take good care of your mala. Here are some guidelines to protect your mala:

  • Do not wet your mala and do not wear it in the water
  • Do not spin the guru bead around on the thread
  • Do not handle or play with the tassel often
  • Do not sleep with your mala on your neck – instead place it under your pillow to ‘infuse’ it with your intention and energy (especially if it is a new mala)
  • When you are not wearing your mala, do place it in your complimentary gift bag, at your personal shrine / sacred space or under your pillow. 
Other than this, you can wear your mala at all times to increase the mala beads metaphysical properties and its effects on you. When your mala is treated mindfully with love and care, the beads will be encouraged to love you, support your meditation practice and your mind, body and spirit.

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