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Once you receive your mala beads you may want to simply wear them as a beautiful piece of jewelry or you may choose to use them in a mediation practice, or both. The choice is individual and completely up to you.

It is said however that you should wear your mala beads for 40 days, allowing them time in your aura to become in tune with your energy and vibrations.

Reasons to wear mala beads:

  1. Wearing your mala beads can be a way to remind yourself to stay present and be mindful in your daily life.
  2. If you have a personal intention or goal, your mala beads can be a physical representation and reminder of your innermost hopes and dreams.
  3. In years past mala beads were used as a form of protection, guarding against negative energy while providing the wearer with positive vibes.
  4. As a form of worry beads you may find it soothing to run your mala beads through your fingers. It is also believed that by rubbing the guru stone the wearer is able to relieve stress and calm anxieties.
  5. Wearing a mala made of Rudraksha has many physical, mental, emotional and spiritual benefits which can be found here. .
  6. Each mala is made with hand selected semi-precious gemstones revered for their unique energies and healing properties, which are passed to you by doing nothing more than just wearing it.
  7. Using your mala in Japa meditation quiets the mind and serves as a reminder of the importance of your unique and personal journey.
  8. It is suggested that if you are wearing a mala made of Rudraksha that you have it touching your skin in order to receive maximum benefit.

When you are not wearing your mala beads, keep them close to you. For example, when you are sleeping keep them on your nightstand or hanging off your bed post. They will continue to give off energy if they are kept close by. …  But remember don’t wear your mala beads in the shower or while you are exercising.

Answers to more questions are coming soon.  If you have any specific questions please contact me and I'll be glad to answer them for you.  

Lisa Mills