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Each handmade with LOVE

I create unique and quality mala beads (necklaces, bracelets and custom orders) for people from all walks of life around the world:  young and youthful; older and wiser; men and boys; women and girls; and toddlers. 

I also create malas for people who practise mindfulness; meditation; and yoga.  And for people to wear everyday; to special occasions; or to hang in a sacred place in the home or in a place needing positive energy.  

I wish for my mala creations to be adorned or gifted to a special person to acknowledge different stages of life, life journeys or to commemorate significant people or moments in life.  

I use only unique and quality materials:  highly sought after and rare rudraksha beads in the Himalayan Mountains in Tibet or from North India; handpicked sandalwood beads from South India; semi precious gemstones from various parts of the world, sterling silver or gold-plated guru beads from India or Bali; and sterling silver or gold-plated accent beads and charms.  

All of my mala creations are handmade by me.  I am a deaf artist at heart, bilingual in Auslan (Australian Sign Language) and spoken English, a level 2 yoga teacher based on the Sunshine Coast, QLD, Australia.  

Please have a browse of my store and discover which mala you are drawn to.  First favourites are usually most recommended for you.  

It is my opinion that everyone should own a mala.  They can bring mindfulness, good health, balance, stability, serenity, good fortune and much more.  It is a blessing to own a mala.

Go on! Have a look and see which mala belongs to you.  Check out my shop page link above or look at my Instagram photos below.  

Namaste, Lisa Mills